Cancel culture karma

It seems to me that a very cruel idea has overtaken our world in the West. It’s┬ácancel┬áculture. Cancel culture is the practice of boycotting or calling out people whose behaviour does not align with your ideas. A person might have said something in the dim and distant past which is drawn up and highlighted now, … More Cancel culture karma


Right now, the racism row has bubbled up into the press and social media. People are being trained to perceive racism in everything, and everyone. Racism grows. Following the principle of what you focus on grows, it grows. It is a dangerous progression. Being a human ‘being’, is mighty difficult. It’s what we are practising. … More Racism

Going too far

In 1994, my husband and I went to Scotland. I had never been there before. A strange thing happened. I had four clear memories of having lived there before. The first was of thinking a hill we were passing in our car on our journey to Edinburgh looked like a breast. A woman’s breast. I … More Going too far

On being a parent

Once, in a secular life, before birth control, parents were told by society that children were a good thing, a blessing, something that made life meaningful, a goal to strive for. Being a parent of future generations was the purpose of all evolution. If you were in a religious family, children were taken into the … More On being a parent

Removing History

Right now, here on Earth, there is a blaming game in full view. The slaves are blaming the slavers for their fate. They think they are the only ones on Earth who were slaves. I’m talking about Black Americans. They were Western slaves. Bought from slavers of their own colour in Africa and sold for … More Removing History

Political rain

I’m old. I’ve watched a lot of stuff happening in the world. Political stuff. By political stuff, I mean how the power of the people gets shifted, altered, increased, deminished, snuffed out, returned, enflamed through their own actions or the actions of others. In weakness, us humans resort to violence. We can see a change … More Political rain