Meaningful dreams

Somewhere here on my blog is the story of the death of my mother. After she died she came to me in the night and dictated a lot of information about her condition in what she called “the here and now”. The reason I  cannot put a link here is because I’m using the new … More Meaningful dreams

Exposing my disagreement about discouragement

Today, someone shared with me a supposingly uplifting concept. It was the phrase “the laziness of discouragement” with laziness being the active word. Now I don’t believe that laziness has got anything to do with discouragement. The word laziness implies we are too not bothered to get ourselves out of discouragement. Discouragement, for me, indicates … More Exposing my disagreement about discouragement

Post to follow

I posted something for my site Gentle Ignition on this page by accident yesterday. I don’t know how to delete this post, so I changed the title to “post to follow” and left a blank page. It was interesting. Within seconds, I received notifications that many people “liked” my post. But it was a blank … More Post to follow


Let me draw a picture of the world in a state of total peace as I understand it.  This is not John Lennon’s  idea of peace. “Imagine” (from “Imagine: John Lennon” soundtrack) Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for … More Imagine

Am I the only one tired of the exhortations? Grumpy old woman

Social media is full of exhortations for us to change ourselves, without contemplation of what is being offered as inspiration. “If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” This is true but …… not for those in dire poverty, or excruciating illness, or in war … More Am I the only one tired of the exhortations? Grumpy old woman

Becoming aware

I was totally unaware of my personal spiritual nature until my opening up in the early nineties. I was not ignorant. Just unaware that all the books I had been reading, the deep discussions I got into with people – in my case usually when drunk – actually applied to ME. Spirituality was something other … More Becoming aware


It seems to me, if you follow Social Media, that an immense sense of rage is churned up in the hearts of people by it. Today, even rage might be fake! The outrage against men by feminists, of the disabled with the abled, of LGBTQ in their cause, the outrage of anti abortionists, of university … More Rage

Love your life

This morning, as I lay between sleep and alertness, I remembered that when Sheel clairaudiently taught me in the eighteen months  of my lessons, she finished every one by saying “Love your life!”. That was the hardest lesson of all. I don’t think I’ve learned it yet, but I am understanding it more. It’s hard … More Love your life