Be a spiritual Bat

Be a spiritual Bat. I don’t mean a vampire bat – but human spiritual vampires do exist. I mean use your sonar device to manoeuvre your way through life. Your sonar device is located under the indigo energy centre on your forehead. It’s your psychic centre, the device that switches you into your intuition. When … More Be a spiritual Bat

Feeling “me”

Since the sixties, our world has been suffused with new ideas. It has become very strange to many. I am a child of the sixties, a baby boomer, and the fault is firmly put at our feet. Its all our fault the troubles of this world exist, why our children have not got on, don’t … More Feeling “me”

Forgetting usefully

I never really liked my mother. But there is no law that rules we have to “like” our relatives. We are stuck with our relatives. We can choose our friends, but not our relatives, especially our parents. But by the time my mother reached old age, I thought she had improved a lot. (Well, I … More Forgetting usefully


The truth of the matter as I see it, is that the cosmos is vast. With all our technology, we see only a tiny fragment through our telescopes. Our scientists through math and propositions are confident that they are interpreting their data correctly. We are taught that background radiation tells us that our planet is … More Decorations