It seems to me, if you follow Social Media, that an immense sense of rage is churned up in the hearts of people by it. Today, even rage might be fake! The outrage against men by feminists, of the disabled with the abled, of LGBTQ in their cause, the outrage of anti abortionists, of university … More Rage

Love your life

This morning, as I lay between sleep and alertness, I remembered that when Sheel clairaudiently taught me in the eighteen months  of my lessons, she finished every one by saying “Love your life!”. That was the hardest lesson of all. I don’t think I’ve learned it yet, but I am understanding it more. It’s hard … More Love your life

When my love feeling has gone – what do I do?

i am finding times in my life now when the feeling of love for humanity that everyone speaks of spiritually, dries up. I see horrible things happening in a world full of seemingly crazy people. I dislike consumerism. I dislike Neo Feminism. I dislike manipulated news. I dislike the politics here in the United Kingdom. … More When my love feeling has gone – what do I do?

Using form to evolve

If we are spiritual creatures evolving through experience, we are using form – our form of being humans, to experience our lives. I believe consciousness is how evolution occurs: consciousness evolves/revolves/cycles in and out of form. Every incarnation teaches us more – human consciousness is evolving. Every generation gets ‘smarter’, but we fall into the … More Using form to evolve