Political rain

I’m old. I’ve watched a lot of stuff happening in the world. Political stuff. By political stuff, I mean how the power of the people gets shifted, altered, increased, deminished, snuffed out, returned, enflamed through their own actions or the actions of others. In weakness, us humans resort to violence. We can see a change … More Political rain


I have been searching my writings trying to find the Cupcake Recipe. I thought it might be good to publish it at this Covid-19 time. The Cupcake recipe was given to me to by Sheel to pass on to my daughter who was going through a very bad time in her life. Now that was … More Cupcakes

Poison darts

For a short while when the world was confronted with the spectre of Covid19, there was a pause in the venom that humans seem to enjoy spreading. We seemed to go into shock. We are in shock. We spent a while trying to explain it to ourselves and others , and figuring out who to … More Poison darts

Dark and light

In this dimension we find ourselves in, that our attention is focussing on, we, communally, are weaving designs. Some energy manifesting itself is heavy and dark. Other strands of consciousness are manifesting threads of colour and light. We are creating the design of Gaia. Gaia is a creation of groups of conscious streams, rocks, water, … More Dark and light

The family Gaia

It came to me that Gaia is not one being, one consciousness, but a collection of conciousnesses ; all of them, very different, live together on this planet Earth. Time is important on Gaia. The consciousnesses forming it, work with time. There IS a beginning, a middle and an end. There IS a coming, a … More The family Gaia

The most amazing days for Christianity have just happened

Do you realise how astonishing these Easter days have been for Christianity? For the first time ever, in the History of the World, Christian worshippers have celebrated Easter physically apart. Every denomination, every creed, every church has had to do this thing alone, whilst trying to be together as much as technology could help them. … More The most amazing days for Christianity have just happened

Into the unknown

Now it seems to me that personal experience is a lonely matter. It is tagged with individual uniqueness. It’s small comfort to say to someone undergoing a crises, that someone ‘somewhere’ else, is in the same pain, having the same fear, the same problems as we are ourselves. It’s cold comfort really, because, at the … More Into the unknown

A Covid19 lockdown diet for spiritually minded people

We are beings that run on electrical pulses. We are made from cells built of chemicals that communicate by the actions of electrons. Without the electro magnetic spectrum, we would not exist. In our subtle, unseen form, our light bodies, that some people see as Auras, we inhale/draw in/use the colours of the electro magnetic … More A Covid19 lockdown diet for spiritually minded people