Meditation naturally

I have different ideas on meditation. I believe we can fall into meditative states in all sorts of ways. We don’t have to burn incense, cross our legs in the lotus position, sit in a circle, set crystals, or chant. These things do help certainly. But some people, are just able to meditate, naturally.  I wrote … More Meditation naturally

Recipe for joy

Sheel told me – “Go make a meal. This is the recipe. Take an onion. Chop it finely and fry till golden. Coat finely sliced pieces of chicken or prawns with flour seasoned with one desert-spoonful of paprika, salt and pepper. Fry. Add cream to make a light sauce. Serve with rice or mashed potato.” In … More Recipe for joy

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves It’s cold out there – and windy. The leaves fall off the trees, floating down to the roads and pavements in light elegant spirals. They shuffle drily in the wind, into corners, even creeping under our front door.