Love our costumes

I believe – no, I know that we are all manifestations of the creative consciousness experiencing itself. We take on costumes – disguises really –  for living a life.

Some of us wear the most amazing costumes. We can be rich, famous, brilliant, beautiful, gentle, submissive, arrogant or self righteous. We can be mean, evil, violent, aggressive, ugly, domineering.

We add decorations to our current costume. Ribbons, bows, bobbles and frills. We can “do” our life with aplomb. Enthusiasm is a really uplifting decoration on the costume of this life or we can use drab stuff like grimy self pity, being a snivelling poor me.

I once had a profound dream. I was at a skating rink getting ready to go out in front of crowds of onlookers. I love skating in my dreams. I can do it brilliantly so I shot into the middle of the rink. There was mild applause, and then I heard the voices of my friends say “Oh, it’s only old Liz again!”

Now that’s a hurtful thing to say. But it was said with such love, with such tolerance, with such acceptance, that I realised that those who knew me actually enjoyed and loved me.  They liked my costume.

It made me accept my costume for this life as one I chose because in it, the Consciousness in me, can experience being me – unique, silly, show offy, entertaining – just old Liz again.

We should all like our costumes – there’s not another one identical anywhere.


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