The spiritual tool of patience

Once, when I was impatient, Sheel said to me “Patience is the art of waiting for something to change”.

I find, in my old age, I am becoming more patient in one way, and less in another.

Old people have to be patient as they observe their bodies spiralling down into disfunctions of various kinds. There is nothing we can do about slowing down, or bits “dropping off”. We practise stoicism, patience.

The same goes for people with disabling illnesses. In the face of problems that cannot be overcome by not wanting them, humans show enormous courage and patience.

But I have become impatient with silliness and superficiality. Not just with humans, but with what we do in the way of media hype, spreading fear-thinking, silly science, superficial medicine that is blinded to the individuality of the real people they treat, and to those who buy into consumerism, who think their car or their house gives them importance.

This dimension is the one of opposites moving together, light and dark, wisdom and stupidity, ease and pain, joy and sorrow, love and fear.

Life and death.

I know this.

But I’ve turned into a grumpy old lady.

Daily, I wait “for something to change”, but it never seems to!


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