Sheel told me that repetition was an important thing. Well, we know that. As a teacher in the “old days” before modern ideas took over, the kids in my class repeated their tables. I told them, it should be so ingrained in their brains that if I woke them in the middle of the night and asked them what four times nine was, they’d instantly say thirty six without having to think, or even be awake. But, in this era of calculators, who needs to know their times tables any more? I’m not complaining – I’m just noting the change. I like calculators!

Sheel told me Р Knowing is useless without action. Spiritual discipline is something that has to be done and not merely thought about or theorised on. Religion is a structure to help the individual grow in spirit Рto guide him in the right direction. Healing techniques are the same. A man needs form and structure to the way he heals himself Рit is very hard for a man to heal himself by faith alone, yet it is possible. Repetition is important in religion, the spiritual life (not the same as religion) and healing. All things become easier with repetition. Repetition and order are very soothing.

Sheel always talked about “a man”. I took it to be similar to the I Ching “superior man”. Of course women’s liberationists today would have something to say about that too I would think.

So repetition, order, form and structure are some aspects in life that can be used to promote our own health and ease.


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