Cosmic scrambled egg

I think the universe is made of light. It is held in place by sound. It is created in the first place by consciousness. (This is a threesome.) Consciousness -– Light -– Sound.

In the vast energy of creation, the energies follow a single principle. They are attracted to, and work with other energies of the same harmonics. The harmonics/resonance of all the cells in a human body keep it together in its unique form because the higher being that intends the physical body, has imbued its intention with its unique sound.

Sound/harmonics/resonance – or whatever you’d like to call it – is the holding force.

Light/energy/electromagnetic frequencies – or whatever you’’d like to call it – are the material from which everything is made.

Awareness/consciousness/ intention – or whatever you’d like to call it – is the creative force.

So you could say it looks like this-




The whole Solar System and Universes and all dimensions visible and invisible become manifested in this way. These forces are not separable things. The egg is a yolk and white, held together by a skin and shell. Together, they are the egg. If you take the shell away, you have a very unstable egg. If you take the skin off the unstable egg, you have the material inside the egg with no “holding” structure. And you have a mess! A scrambled egg.


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