Intention and Consciousness

I would think that the whole of creation is a BEING – a consciousness. Even though matter looks like a collection of separate things. It is not. So this is how I see things….I am not a physicist but I think like this. Around the nucleus of a subatomic particle, there is a vast space before you would find any electrons orbiting around it. This space is consciousness. We could call this space “the vast nuclear spaces of matter” or “the deep inner spaces” or “interconnecting consciousness” or, “universal mind.”

All subtle communication takes place through this network. All disease builds up in a human body, and the body of mankind through instructions given into this Consciousness.

It registers every thought and intent. It obeys. The physical body has much nuclear space and very little “matter”. In fact, one could say, that all of creation is more or less that way.

The vast nuclear spaces of all apparently separate things in all dimensions both seen by you and not seen, are joined in one whole by this nuclear consciousness. But each separate “thing” is brought into existence by an intention to be itself.

Each human has a consciousness working in an invisible dimension that “intends” to have a physical form. So it brings itself into existence by INTENTION.

All trees, rocks, plants, fish, animals, the world, have a similar higher consciousness that is bringing them into existence with an intention.

A locust, for instance, is the physical manifestation of a consciousness that intends locusts – all locusts everywhere. An oxygen molecule is brought into being by the “oxygen molecule consciousness.”

All humans have human form – and are not purple with orange antenna because the intention of their very highest consciousness for all humans everywhere is keeping them so. Scientists call what keeps human, animals and living things repeating themselves in a certain way – the genetic structure of a thing.


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