Seeing in light

I don’t know how common it is,  but I get times – short moments of grace,  when I see in light.  When I say this I mean that everything I look at vibrates with  tiny particles of light.  Molecules of glitter,  moving,  streaming and sometimes  pulsating. Or a suddenly flowing through-wave, on the surface of whatever I am observing.  It’s a living pearlescence of me, my hands,  the sheets, my bedside pot plant and the plant in it,  the curtains,  and everything around me.

It most often occurs as I am trying to get to sleep or suddenly having to wake up..

On many occasions I have studied all the things in my house.  I take it that what I see is real and not a delusion.  I think this because it lasts only about twenty minutes. I seem to have got into a different visual place. I take advantage of that time.  I think of it as “light meditation “.

It happens in the absence of light, – but not completely.  If I open the blind slightly, to let a little more light in, it becomes brilliant.  But if I turn on the bedside light, it immediately ends.

I can’t make up my mind if it is a reflection or if it is an inner glowing of things.  I recently studied Black. Black cloth exhibits very little moving particles except for random flashes that seem to come out of it. This is not like static at all. Whereas the same happens from other things I watch, but from a ground of moving, seething shining molecules, as if some are popping out in excitement.

Natural things, like real wood, rocks,  plants, trees outside, silk, me, the dog, my husband glow like crazy.  Well, they don’t glow, they definitely don’t glow as you would think of glowing out a light, but they have this “livingness” light. An aliveness as if they’ve been dusted with warm shimmer.

I studied plastics once.  They also do it.  But they seemed to have a spikey, chaotic look. But then, that might be because my observer self doesn’t like plastic very much.

Crystals are strange too. They don’t seem to be made of the same material as other things if you can call it that.  But they send out – out – streams of ‘stuff’ that creates arc-like shapes around them like the flow you see around pole magnet diagrams.

So I’m not sure what I am seeing. And there is no Sheel around nowadays to tell me, but I have had this experience now and again for many years.

I call it “seeing in light “. And I love it when it happens.


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