Recipe for joy

Sheel told me – “Go make a meal. This is the recipe. Take an onion. Chop it finely and fry till golden. Coat finely sliced pieces of chicken or prawns with flour seasoned with one desert-spoonful of paprika, salt and pepper. Fry. Add cream to make a light sauce. Serve with rice or mashed potato.”

In the kitchen, that night, I made this dish. The minute I added the paprika I knew it was going to taste horrible and it looked like a hot chili dish, which I knew the kids would baulk at –eating and they did!

It was an awful meal!  The paprika was far too much. It polluted all the other ingredients. What a waste of money and good ingredients.

Sheel said  “You will never forget this lesson for you have seen exactly the point of it. The law is that the greater agitation will mask the lesser. In your ingredients, the chicken and cream were the delicate flavours. The paprika was an ingredient with a high agitation level (stronger in colour and flavour) and it nullified the flavours of the other ingredients. Everything turned red – you could not notice the cream or the chicken.

Symbolically, the paprika stands for very agitated energy – the waves crashing on the shore – high emotion of every kind – good too – and also violence, ugliness, hatred and anger, greed, envy, fear. This is the Source at its extremities.

The centre of the Source is stillness. All emotion is agitation. All emotion is the paprika of life. Love is as vibrant as hate. The cream and the chicken were not erased – they were simply masked.

Violence and passion seem to erase the gentleness in the world but it is only masked. Raising your vibrations  means slowing the activity, the agitation – using less paprika – calming the emotions to a point of rest, or near rest which is a feeling of unimaginable joy.

Humans look for their source in all ways. They mistakenly think they must take action to find it. But in fact, the opposite is true. Only by finding the stillness of their minds will their craving be satisfied. No amount of distraction will give them what they look for.

Those who have the stillness of mind to watch the world go by with detachment are the ones who find the joy of living for which the rest of frenetic mankind is still searching.”


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