On becoming spiritually aware

I made a meditation room at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I used to try to meditate there. Insights came occasionally. My little meditation room became a joy to me.

Even my little dog learned to lie infinitely still while I was still. She healed and delighted me. I loved her and she loved me. Her name was Victoria and the neighbour had brought her to me. She was pure white with long fur that hung from her and trailed behind in the wind. She became my most treasured possession.

Other people suddenly seemed more interesting to me. I began to see them as fellow travellers or classmates, all learning stuff. The problem was, that my own lessons were so astounding to me that I shared them constantly – whether the listener wanted to know or not. Mostly I found that people were very polite – and most polite were those who I’d not even stopped to perceive were a lot more knowledgeable than I.

I started on reorganising a lot of my life.

I stopped taking tranquillisers.

Television caused distressing feelings in me. Many of the scenes gave me an uncomfortable memory of having played the script myself as a real life experience – and the endings were seldom a surprise. I found being quiet and alone, nurtured me more. I looked for times of solitude.

Solitude is important for someone becoming spiritually aware.


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