Astral travelling

One night I spontaneously went Astral travelling. In my sleep, I found myself outside my own house with a small woman of about 36 years old. She had short brown hair in a sort of 1960’s style. She had a plainish face but her EYES were so beautiful! She was wearing a blue medical uniform like a hospital technician or something similar. She was going to take me somewhere and show me something that I should know, she told me.

Suddenly I found myself in a vast and exquisite library with a huge, elegant stairway up to the second floor. The walls were lined with thousands of books and there were librarians helping the people. I saw someone I knew. My Mother.  She looked radiant and a librarian was helping her settle at one of the desks where she was doing research – I don’t know how I knew this.

The little woman, who  brought me to this amazing library, told me it was part of The Halls of Learning and that we were in another dimension that we call heaven or the astral dimension.

This was extraordinary information to me because I had a body just like mine and I was so clear and lucid that I KNEW I was not dreaming.

A librarian seemed prepared for my visit, because I was handed some very thin sheets of paper that looked like the gestetner masters that we used to make to roneo off notes at school. They were pale blue, translucent. I looked at them very carefully. It was information about me. It was about me in another life.  I used to use colour and light to heal people.

After that, I made myself a little colour healing room – all white, and the panes of each window – nine or twelve, maybe, were painted with colours in stained glass paint. I had white pads which simply clipped into the frames of the cottage paned windows and I could change or mix any colour I liked. It was tremendously effective.

I became obsessed with the idea of astral travel after my visit to the Halls of Learning library. I spent hours in my little healing room trying to get out of my body – unsuccessfully. I got sore eyeballs and headaches in my attempts. I found some frequencies of light (magenta) seemed to assist my efforts – probably by relaxing me more.

I started experimenting with relatives and friends in the little colour room to see what different colours did to them. I took blood pressure and pulse and tested pain reactions.

I noticed that the biggest change in myself was that I became interested in a subject greater than me – Light! My eyes became extra sensitive and the lights that I had always seen about people seemed clearer.

I started to study light in the most scientific manner I could muster.


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