Thoughts in a Park

It is very pretty here in the centre of the city. There are birds and flowering plants, tropical lushness. I am wondering if sex becomes unnecessary to those who obtain spiritual bliss. They don’t need the joy it brings because they are in a state of total joy already. A human orgasm is close to bliss – but fleeting, surely.

I think animals are the closest things to God because they live in a state of faith and trust, with only the desire for food, procreation and safety.

It seems when souls incarnate into human form, they must get entangled in desire for possessions, acquisitions, hoarding, ownership and Ego. The simplest way to get anything at this stage is by violence. Later, a soul discovers other ways to acquire what they want barter, trade, treatise, and money. It is only after many incarnations that a soul comes to realize that all he desires will never bring him what he is seeking – which is happiness! At last, through his own free will, he turns to God to find his joy – the circle is complete.


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