The ocean and the wave

We are as a wave in the ocean – a small agitation of God. Our mission after many incarnations is to fall back into the ocean and experience the source – God/Bliss. Now as a wave we have only the power of that small agitation. But it is possible to use the power of the whole ocean. To think of God as the father and we as his children is not a bad idea. Fathers have power and love and children are innocent. God is not our father so you will understand that he is not – WE are God experiencing itself. But  we feel limited. If you use the power of the whole, it becomes much greater to achieve what we need. When we need assistance, to visualise God as an external father – an helper – is much easier than, in effect, talking to ourseves!

A mediator  – Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary etc. helps focus the mind in the same way. If we pray to God, we are using the force of the whole being – the wave AND the ocean.


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