Why I can’t feel my soul

Sometimes, in deep meditation, your soul can be felt – its deep love for you can be felt. Feel the love for you. Your soul loves you, its expression of itself. You, in your human form, is the expression of your soul. Every potential within you has been carefully placed in your physical form, for your use in this incarnation.

Then why do we mostly feel so far away from our soul? A human life is the experiential part of the progress of your soul. Its lessons so to speak. Its the practical part of learning. It’s not easy being a human! Every single part of your life, is, in effect, part of your spiritual progress no matter how inconsequential it may be.

If you know this, then it’s easy to feel close to your soul. You can ask “Soul, what is it you want me to learn by doing this, or experiencing that?” or “Soul, how should I approach this problem, or that one?”  Deep within you, you create a space for you to feel your soul there, your friend, your lover and your future.


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