What is my soul

The Source of all, experiences Itself through fragmentation. This, to my mind, is not disorganised. All Consciousness is so vast that experienced by the human mind it would be completely disabling for the process of living as those who have touched it will proclaim. It is too powerful. Consciousness has to be stepped down, just as electricity is through circuits and wires – transformers. Think of the soul as the conduit of the Great Consciousness, your transformer. 

Stepped down.

Your soul, your higher self, your lover, your friend, is Great Consciousness in a form the human mind can deal with. All of creation is the fragmentation of the Source – the Source in “agitation” or in action.

Stepped down.



The human life, our life, our desires, our egos are part of that which dumbs the power down. Sometimes, you can’t recognise anything divine at all. But it is there.

Stepped down.

And evolving.


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