How I met my teacher Sheel

I am just an ordinary woman, and I was living an ordinary life as a Mum with five growing kids, embroiled in all the ups and downs of a conventional western life – until that Saturday.

On this day, not a little tired of all the noise and shenanigans going on in my home, I was trying to have a quiet five minutes all by myself in my bedroom. Suddenly I heard my Mum arrive. She was so vital and alive that I knew there would be no quiet five minutes for me. In desperation I leapt into the big walk-in cupboard of our upstairs bedroom and sat down firmly on the lid of the chemical loo that was stored there. I slammed the door and found myself in pitch darkness.

Why I behaved in such a fashion eludes me. I have never needed to hide from anyone before or since. My heart pounded with the rashness and dishonesty of my action while I heard the family come up to my room, and not finding me there, go downstairs again to look for me.

A deep silence fell about me in the utter dark as I was left alone.

Suddenly, a commanding voice echoed in my head.
“Stop what you are doing. Go down and enjoy the day with your mother,”it said.

Obediently, I got up off the loo, opened the door and went downstairs to join the whole family.

That’s how I met my teacher. In the dark, on a loo!


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