The contracts of co-operation – on meat

We are told to replace aggression with love/harmlessness.

This can be difficult. Especially concerning food.

The way I see it is that all of Creations is under contract with other parts of Creation. These are Contracts of co-operation.

In nature, the big animals eat the little animals. Should you feel pleased or sorry that the Owl, for its existence, has eaten the mouse, that ate the earth worm for its existence?

Vegans practise┬áharmlessness by not eating meat. In today’s violent world of abattoirs and factory farms, not eating meat seems laudable.

But animals have contracts of co-operation to be eaten. And once, humans praised the animals for their sacrifice.

We have forgotten to praise, to thank, to be grateful for ┬átheir part in our existence – their contract of co-operation to sustain us.

Eating anything at all, involves taking a life. We need to be continually respectful of the life we have taken.




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