The contracts of co-operation – plants

Plants are living things with the grave contract of healing the planet.

They are the lungs of Earth, recycling oxygen, and fixing carbon.  Sharing unconservedly.

They are the  producers of complex chemicals that we humans use for our sustenance and healing.

They contain the key to interlinking the human mind with unseen dimensions and beings there. Shamans have discovered their power. How did they know about the properties of plants? They asked.

Plants are gentle creatures that respond to our love. Do you know someone with “green fingers”?  Plants feed on their love.

Plants have a co-operative contract with the places where they grow. They provide safe places for animals to live, to hunt, to survive, even when they die.

They co-operate with mountains and rocks, breaking them down, making soil and feeding the earth.

Plants have brain cells in their roots. Truly.

They are wondrous creatures!

We eat plants and seeds without thought. Eating anything at all, involves taking a life. We need to be continually respectful of the life we have taken.


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