Truth must be magnificent

Here are some thoughts about channelling inspirational Truth.

Inspiration must be as limited as the understanding of the channeller.

The language of it is as limited to the language of the writer and teller.

The inspiration is interpreted in terms of the spiritual or religious beliefs of the teller. It applies to the society in which the person lives.

No spiritual concept can be transmitted clearly in language. There are no words. Many early religions had no names for such things. Prophets, sages and inspired religious leaders downloaded magnificent stuff.

But, someone else reinterprets it. So, understanding, language, dogma, and society befoul the original exquisite thing.

The moment another person reads or hears the words, all the above problems are compounded and so, again, at each telling, new implications occur and other overtones collect about it. What was seen clearly once by the inspired one is now fogged.

We see through a glass darkly.

The Truth must be more magnificent than any language can ever describe.


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