Going into a New Clear Age – the Era of Light

All matter is made of light.
All matter has an inner consciousness.
All matter is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Sheel told me that mankind is using the electromagnetic energies for its own benefit for the first time in recorded history. The prevalence of light and artificially produced electromagnetic smog is affecting us.

The change in all humans will, she said, be an inevitable and a general increase in psychic skills, the ability to use sections of the brain previously lying dormant will occur. We will connect in consciousness.

We will become more empathic than ever before. Our perceptions will change. Our conciousness will alter.

We will recognise consciousness in other species and natural systems.

We will eventually tap into the awareness of other conscious beings who exist on our planet and in other dimensions too and we will develop the ability to cooperate with them, in  both good and bad ways.

She called this The Era of Light. The New Clear Age.


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