Shoals of the New Clear Age

If we are going into a New Clear Age as Sheel called it, where more and more people will discern the deviousness about them. The Internet will help us. We are physically evolving through the uses we make of the electromagnetic spectrum in our technologies and the extended periods of light in our lives.

If we are going into  a natural evolutionary process of consciousness raising – a brain change – our technology will also extend our mind in vast ways.

Ideas will probably spread in waves as we tune into the consciousness of others. It will have a shoal-ling effect, surely?. Groups will form and un-form with a speed not known previously.

Shoalers would be aware of flaws in our cultures. Their particular shoal could make changes by the power of their numbers and the speed of their communication. They would be obstructed and put down by those who attempt to hold on to the old ways. That might frustrate the shoal. But these are exciting times for those in a shoal who are looking for truth, especially those who are aware and fear-less.


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