Handing our baggage over

In Sheel’s “New Age Survival Kit”, the first instruction was to

“1. Hold (as you understand) God’s hand and pass him the baggage.”

This releasing of our human burdens to a power greater than ourselves, or God as we understand Him/Her, or The Universe, or even to “Fate” if one is an atheist, is cathartic. The peace that Christians have when they accept Jesus as Saviour comes from handing their whole lives over, baggage and all,

If you believe you have achieved “enlightenment”, the action of  holding (as we understand) God’s hand and passing him the baggage might seem childish. Why do that when we all we have to do to experience inner peace is to become enlightened  – “One”?

But as humans we carry a huge burden of simply having a life. If we have a life, it means we are still on our way to becoming “One”, otherwise we wouldn’t have found it necessary to take on a life at all. We do a life so the divine aspect of us, may experience itself as a human being.

Our “life” is a minuscule part of a greater whole. The whole is something Vast. Being childlike and taking It’s hand, places our emotions in a state of faith that Vast will care for small, like a parent does a child.

Parents can carry a lot of baggage – with Love.

If we believe something greater than ourselves is helping us with our burden, that which we find burdensome will become easier to bear, or solve itself entirely.


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