Sheel gave me some survival tips to be well, happy and contented in what she called The New Clear Age, The Age of Light, when our consciousness is changing.

The first instruction was to hand over our human baggage to that which we perceive as an energy greater than our own. To God, to The Universe, to The One.

Having handed over all problems, character defects, our history, our pain, our mistakes, our regrets, our lives even, to this Higher Power/Higher Self, we should allow this greater forceĀ to run our lives in synchronicity with theĀ other realms.

If we allow and EXPECT synchronicity, it happens!

Synchronicity can happen in breath taking and mind spinning ways. When such personal experiences happen, it confirms faith.

Some people just live synchronized lives, naturally. But for others, non believers in something spiritual at work in their lives, they need the faith that sychronicity will occur FIRST. The faith, the belief, triggers the happening. That is the trick.


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