Quiet time in the Age of Light

I have been talking about Sheel’s New Clear Age Survival Kit and how it can assist us in these times of changing consciousness. 

Have a quiet time with the God of your understanding daily so that we can be filled with bliss.

This is not easy in our busy lives. Some people practise meditation, pray, or quieten their spirits regularly. But many busy people are pressed for time, so any time spent on connection to their divine aspect seems like a waste when there are so many pressing things to do.

So, the short-cut method, is to occasionally during the day, remind ourselves  that we are primarily spiritual creatures practising being human on behalf of our Source. If our Higher Being is carrying our baggage, and we are expecting synchronicity, just stopping quietly anywhere for a very short moment, can plug us in to the feeling of gratitude, on which our happiness hangs.


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