The Temple – us

The New Clear Age Survival Kit was given me as a template for anyone, of any religion, to have in this time of our change of consciousness. It is not mystical or esoteric – just practical.

After we hand over our personal baggage to the Great Being/The Light to carry for us, in exchange for our trust, we expect and allow syncronicity from all the realms to guide us.

But we also need to look after the temple through which His Light flows.

Millions of people worldwide are changing their lifestyles as the Age of Light’s communication system – the Internet – spreads word about practising lifestyle choices intentionally – healthy eating, exercise, avoiding harmful chemicals, medication, and discovering the healing power of earthing ourselves to this wonderful blue planet on which we have made our homes.

Millions of people are using the Light for personal healing.

We are already becoming much more aware that our Temples need care so that the light of life in us, may flow undimmed.


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