Jump free from addictions

In this New Clear Age – the Age of Light, there are some actions we could take, Sheel said, that would help us in transition.

Some things we could do were to take the hand of God as we understand God and pass over our baggage, our troubles and woes. Faith in Benevolence would manifest synchronicity in our lives. We should keep our Light bright by practising a quiet time with our Source regularly and care for the temple – us – in which It dwells.

As well, we should try to release ourselves from addictions both emotional and physical.

I used to think “addiction” meant smoking, drinking and drugs. But addiction is a vast area that traps us into “stuff” – emotional stuff. Tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, foods, chocolate, sugar, I can easily understand – but other addictions on her list here are a bit thought provoking – emotionally speaking.

These addictions, are addictions, developed over time in response to our feelings of lack…

Addictions of every known kind, she said, included –

tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, foods, chocolate, sugar,

sex, violence, scandal, sensationalism,

physical exercise,

meditation, prayer,

crushes, love relationships, fixations, on public figures and stars, craving for celebrity status

places, possessions, money

learning, study, confirmation of knowledge, science, clinging to rationality, academic status

inability to change ideas, attempts to hold on to the old.

Jump free!


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