Simplify, simplify, simplify

We are going into a time of consciousness-changing. It’s not going to be easy in the chaotic times flowing in. But we will shoal with others who have similar ideas to our own if we are aware of what is happening. Shoaling will keep us uplifted. 

Sheel, my teacher, called this time we are going into The New Clear Age. Ideas will clarify. Translucence and transparency will throw scary shadows around us. So she gave me some tools to use in going forward.

She said hand over the self to Light. Have quiet times. Have faith that Light is guiding and watch for the synchronicity to confirm it. Avoid addictions of the Ego and live healthily.

She said to

Simplify our lives and pleasures.

This is more difficult than one could imagine in this age of consumerism,  Much new technology does just that – at a cost. So it would seem our friend. Many new pleasures are technological.

But I think she meant not to get entangled in debt, complexity in relationships, material possessions, keeping up with the Jones, artificiality, political correctness and other entrapments.

Plain and simple frees us. A rich man lives in an empty room (yet even he might need a computer!).

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