Forgive! – the hard one

A tool for feeling good in this New Clear Age of unfolding consciousness is forgiveness.

Sheel, my teacher, told me to

Harbour no grudges and forgive ourselves and our enemies.

“Loving thy enemies” is a hard instruction whoever gives it.

How do we do it? Some folks seem to do it naturally.  But others harbour all sorts of emotions that eventually make them ill.

Resentment and hurt, shame and anger, eat away at us.

I learned about Teddy Bear Therapy – it’s a huge help to vocalise our pain.

I used The Acceptance Prayer for self forgiveness.

But this is a wonderful prayer – for everything.

(Name), I forgive you, Please forgive me, Let’s forgive ourselves. Please. Thank you. Amen

Or for many,

To all the people in my life, I forgive you, all of you.

Please forgive me, all of you.

Let’s forgive ourselves, all of us.


Thank you,



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