Unconditional love – difficulties

The eighth tool in Sheel’s New Clear Age Survival Kit was

Allow unconditional love to flow through us in service to others.

The “unconditional” part is the problem in this statement. People have difficulty with unconditional. How many of us find we feel guilty because inside us, we disapprove or we fear or we feel put apon, or used.

I have come to believe we mix up discernment with judgement. We need discernment for survival. Discernment allows us to  perceive, or to sum up a situation with clarity. Unconditional means without conditions, but that doesn’t mean thoughtlessly.

The term unconserved love, releases us from the turmoil of feeling we are “judging”. Unconserved love has no dams, it just flows. Unconserved love means we can deal with situations that disquiet us, with love, and with discernment.


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