Love your life – even suffering

My teacher said we should love our lives, for we are living in some of the most exciting times of recorded history.”

This was the last instruction from The New Clear Age Survival Kit for comfortably navigating the changes of this New Clear Age, a time of the opening up of the consciousness of humans, and indeed ALL of consciousness that cycles into and out of our planet Earth.

It’s easy to exhort people who live in one of the well-fed, safe, countries of the World, to “Love your Life”.  We put great store on feeling happy. We try to blot out un-happy.

Un-happy is offered to us as our fault. Gratitude is one of the keys to feeling happy, we are taught. We simply need to learn how to be happy. We rather condemn those who don’t learn, who paddle their canoes up-river, who cannot live in the “now”, who can’t follow the “happy” rules for some reason.

Suffering can be imposed by external conditions, or by inner conditions – especially the inner state that is contemplating the meaningless of life. Many well-fed, safe people are faced with such suffering.

Some people’s lives are very difficult to be loved by them. They are full of hardship, pain, fear and suffering. How can we love our lives in this situation?

I think it is much easier to “love our lives” if we view our lives through the eyes of our source-self, our higher self, our soul. Our lives are experiential tools for Consciousness. Consciousness of this planet is changing because it is evolving. It is evolving through OUR experiences – both good and bad.

Suffering has meaning. It causes love to flow. Humans recognise suffering in others, identify with it, because it is part of our human condition. We are aware of our own suffering –  and therefore with the suffering of others. It opens a connection from our hearts to the sufferer.  It makes us act, love, serve.

It is the Dark to our Light. Without the dark, it’s hard to see the light, but if we accept that suffering is Consciousness evolving too, that even in our darkest hours, being human, whether sad, miserable, frightened, depressed, in hardship, or in pain, is STILL being meaningful.


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