Our webs

Everyone weaves a web around themselves like a spider. This web is made up of habits, life style, beliefs, and relationships. Our life web is where we can feed, nurture and heal ourselves. We are comfortable in our web. Some webs are very beautiful containing our collections from life.

But sometimes, our webs become tight and constricting. People with constricting webs around them don’t know how to extricate themselves when they feel trapped by their life web. Instead of a beautiful construction full of interesting discoveries, a trapping web, rolls around and around the weaver so they are caught in a dull grey bundle and become their own prey.

The secret, if you find that you are your own prey, is to break one strand at a time until you are free. And build an open web in which nourishing experiences, relationships and knowledge can fall.

It often takes a very long time to build a fine web. But it’s worth the effort.


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