Being human

The realms of Creation are many. Consciousness flows in streams. In each stream, Consciousness is learning – experiencing Itself.  We humans are aware of only one stream of this living flow of energy. We are aware of ourselves as separate observers  – us.

Sometimes, those on a spiritual path, are on a desperate journey to experience themselves as  One, God, Consciousness, Bliss, their Source etc. Us humans can get glimpses of this. Flashes of  connection. But if that leads to us being disappointed in our humanity, that is a sad thing to me.

Our dimension, one of the very many in the vast streams of being of which our Cosmos is formed, is where we are meant to be, or have chosen to be.

Being human, experiencing our humanity – the good, the bad and the ugly, is why we are here. Trying to escape it, as if there is something wrong with being human, seems a pity.

We are not humans trying to metamorphose to be spiritual creatures, We are already spiritual creatures practising being humans – the best humans we can be.

Relax – be human. Forgive yourself and others for being human too. If you never glimpse your Source, have any kind of Mystical experience, or are never able to release yourself from observing yourself, or eradicate your Ego, remember, the mechanics of our Realm confines our Consciousness to be lodged in a human form.


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