Some profound ideas in 14 points

1. The universe is made up of energy.

2. All these many streams of conscious energies are our Source.

3. Everything, being energy and consciousness of one form or another, is also us. “I and my father are one” “whatever you do unto one of these little ones, you do unto me.”

4. Humans feel they are separated from their Source.

5. This separation causes suffering.

6. This separation is the sin of the Christian Bible.

7. Jesus and many spiritual teachers came to save man from separation (sin)

8. The only way to salvation is becoming so God-conscious that this separation is made whole.

9. The entire universe operates under one law – the law of cause and effect, which Jesus describes as “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. The Hindus describe it as Karma. Cause and effect is a scientific law too.

10. All religions are man-made around one universal truth.

11. All religions try to give man guidance in his spiritual development.

12. Every person is experiencing what is correct for them according to the law of cause and effect.

13. The only way to be released from suffering is to be saved by the conscious acceptance of Source within – losing one’s life in effect. Then one becomes whole and this inner knowledge can be used to raise the consciousness of others.

14. We need to acknowledge the Source in all of creation. There is only one Source.


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