About Religion and Love

Many teachers have incarnated to teach the universal truth. Those connected to the religions, are equally valid and their teachings are enriched by their culture.

Sai Baba (and many other popular gurus) teach, “There is only one religion-the religion of love”. “All religions are equal”. Sai Babs’s personal culture is Telegu.

Jesus taught to “love one another” “in my father’s house on many mansions”. His personal culture was Jewish. He was living in times experiencing Roman culture.

Mohammed was taught by his Angelic Being “there is only one God” “love is the only religion”. His culture was Arabian. He lived where there was a diverse culture all around him.

The Hindus teach “everything is an aspect of God” “love is the unifying force”. Their culture is very ancient, born out of The Golden Age.

Only the man-made decorations (dogma) of the various religions differ.

The kernel of the transforming spiritual ideas in religion is Love.

The kernel of all transforming spiritual ideas MUST be Love.


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