Conserving our energy

I used to be a very agitated person, getting my emotions in a twist about just about everything. My mother used to call me “highly strung”. But “highly strung” is a habit. How much personal energy do we squander, worrying, thinking, racing around, pleasing others, getting upset, holding grudges and hurts, and feeling agitated in one way or another? It seems that being emotionally and physically still is something to practise that will release us from the “agitation” habit. Being still is empowering.

Sheel taught me about energy…

“Agitation means activity and movement as in “a washing machine agitates the clothes and water in order to do its job”. One could say that agitation is the expending of energy. The greater the agitation, the less energy is conserved. The less agitation, the greater the energy conserved. God, the void, black, bliss, is a pool of conserved energy. A pulse of energy from this source causes the agitation (activity) of creation. Energy is the force for potential work. Agitation is the force in action. Energy does not equal agitation. Energy is a power. Agitation is the power squandered. The more one slows one’s agitation, the more energy one has.”


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