About Auras – talking about colour

Consciousness regulates our whole body, all our actions and life circumstances. It is not the same as our physical brain which is simply another organ of the body. The consciousness does not live inside the brain.

The brain is the consciousness’s organ for weighing up and processing physical experiences. One could call the consciousness an experiential body – that goes on after death.

One could call the Aura, the instrument through which life is “tasted” by Consciousness. It is affected by the frequencies of light/colour that our experiences resonate on.

The aura is a pocket of light which radiates around each living thing. Its contents build up with our experiences, thoughts and life processes.

A newborn child has a very clear and simple aura because it has not experienced a life yet.

The aura holds in it all the light energy that we transpire. We draw in electromagnetic frequencies from the visible and invisible electromagnetic pond in which we live, through centers that lie over glands in the physical body. These glands give chemical messages to our body systems, following instruction from the light frequency (colour) we inspire.



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