Colour – energy centres

The consciousness draws in electromagnetic frequencies as it experiences its life.

It uses frequencies of the RED group to cause physical vigour, experience physical senses and appetite for life, physical protection and rooting the physical body on earth and in a nest. These frequencies are drawn in at the groin.

It uses ORANGE frequencies, drawn in at the belly, for the physical creation of the ideas in the physical brain and to cause the physical actions that must be achieved for its physical comfort and reproduction.

The YELLOW spectrum is registered by the physical body ‘s solar plexus area so that the brain and mind can think. They are used for intellectual thought, humor, laughter and joy. And for organizing and willing.

The consciousness draws into the heart area GREEN frequencies every time it has to deal with self esteem and esteem for others, or begins to connect with other people. These frequencies are also used for feelings of abundance.

The BLUE range are drawn into the physical body at the throat when communicating with other people or expressing thought from the physical brain or expressing inspirations. They are used when the consciousness is experiencing beauty.

The consciousness pulls in the INDIGO spectrum when it is using its sonar protection device of intuition, or gut feelings. Or when it is being perceptive of circumstances and events it is experiencing. These frequencies wash through the Pineal Gland and are Psychic in nature.

All the PURPLE range of electromagnetic light frequencies are used when the consciousness is docking with its Divine/Higher/Soul self. It uses these frequencies while experiencing God/Source.


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