We are receivers and transmitters of Light – colour

Our Source is the colour Black, a void, complete stillness, a magnificent absence of Light – yet All Light is absorbed and emitted by it. 

What is Light? These are Electromagnetic Frequencies in all ranges with their accompanying sound and magnetic fields.

White Light, which we see in our visible spectrum,  is the combination of the frequencies of Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Indigo and Purple frequencies. Combined, they reflect all frequencies back to us, which appear White.

We see Black as the absence of light, but this is not true. The colour Black has absorbed all frequencies into itself. Black contains All Frequencies of Light. We see it as Black.

Light carries information. Our brains receive information from frequencies of visible and invisible Light. Our bodies use these frequencies in all our chemical processes.

We receive information from Light. We emit Light through thinking and being.


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