Radiating colour – illness and death

All illness is “spiritual” in nature. You can’’t separate the spiritual (the unseen) and the physical. Medical science merely treats the body. They do not know that all physical illness is not to be cured in the physical. It must be cured in the spiritual before it can be removed from the physical. Medical science does not know that the body is made up of several bodies. The only one that can be seen is a body-form of gross vibrations – what we call “us”.

Within the physical body is another body that looks exactly the same but is made of finer material. Call it a template body. This is kept healthy by the auric body, which is in fact a spectrum. It contains all the colours of the spectrum, but is less gross than the template body. Mystics and psychics can see these bodies. They have many names according to culture.

The aura is a transformer of energy and a radiation made of light and glows as all light does. All physical ailments develop in the auric body first. It feeds and controls the template of our bodies in the physical dimension.

In this dimension the other bodies infuse the physical body which they nourish and maintain.

When you die, the light body dislodges itself and relocates into another less dense dimension. Your point of awareness, your observer-self, moves with it.


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