How illness is affected by Light Therapy – colour

In the physical body, some illnesses are the result of cause and effect taken on from other lives. Others are the result of the depletion of colours in the light body that feeds the template-body. As the physical body is a replica of the second body, the template,  and the template body is a replica of other bodies. It is really a thought-creation of the spiritual being itself. When you are using Light Therapy/colour, you are really working on the other bodies – the subtle bodies.

There is no way that any healer of any kind can separate the spiritual aspect of healing.Laying on of hands, touching, caring and loving helps. Healing helps because light energy from the healer boosts the Aura of the receiver and encourages healing attempts of the second body on the physical form.

Bacteria and viruses are also living entities. They live in the body – and a virus is not “dead” as is currently thought. The body reacts with fever and pumps in anti-bodies to kill the invaders. The physical body has been invaded but the second body has not. It tries to do the healing process as it would do with burns or injury.

Sometimes the physical body is unable to fight against the invading illness and the physical dies. The spiritual consciousness is then left with its second body intact. Germs, bacteria, injury do not affect the second body or any other abuse performed on the physical body. However, when bacteria invade a physical body, the light bodies of the bacteria enter the human light body and it becomes discoloured or depleted.

The template/second body is only affected by “spiritual” neglect. Continual stress saps the light body of its power to generate energy in the second body. It then needs healing. In fact the light body does not heal itself because it is never destroyed, it only draws in the colours/frequencies it needs and then it is regenerated. With continual substance abuse, anger, worry, hate, grief and other agitated states, the light of the auric body weakens because it cannot find the light/colour it needs to properly function the Energy Centre. People then get sicker more often and heal less quickly.


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