The spiritual template-body and illness

In the modern world, Doctors only try to heal the body. They cut out cancers, only to have them come back. They replace hearts, only to have their patients die of other failures. They give patients antibiotics and only now realize that the same viral entity will attack again in different form as it mutates according to evolution.

This raises all sorts of questions about how physical changes affect the template-body or second body. Is it ever “harmed”?What about Amputations? Drug addiction? Gun wound, burns? Infections? Planter warts?

Planter warts are organisms just like the body. They have to be separated from their host. It has to be made unpleasant so that they will either die or wither away.

Every part of the physical body has its equivalent in the second body in duplicate. When a leg is amputated, the second body still has the limb. When any part of the physical body is taken away like the tonsils, the second body still has tonsils. The injury to the physical body causes no damage to the second body in any way. The second body, however, being a template, tries to repair the damage to its other self. This is the act of healing. Cuts, burns, gunshot wounds, heal. They could not do so if they did not have the second body doing it for them. In the case of old age, the physical body has a life span, but the second body has not. The physical cells get old and tired and they are unable to re-act to the healing attempts made by the template body.

The real secret of longevity and health, is to follow a healthy “diet” that brings to the energy centres all the “food” they need to function properly – see A Well Balanced Light Diet. This, in turn, keeps the Aura healthy, which, in it’s turn, feeds the template of you, which is the part of you that keeps you well.


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