Sheel’s idea about cancer and light

One day while I was working in my little Light Therapy room Sheel said “What you are doing in the therapy room is an all over colour recharge. Afterwards you use different frequencies of light to strengthen the Auric body. So strengthened, it is able to heal the physical body. All healing happens from the other bodies/spiritual bodies.

The second body/astral form is perfect and tries constantly to keep the physical body just like itself. It is a template. Sometimes cells are dead and it cannot heal those,– likewise, it cannot grow a limb.

Beauty, art, music, loveliness, nature, spiritual stillness, meditation, serenity, love, knowing you are loved, feed the light body and it grows tremendously strong. People who live in such surroundings are physically well and have a great immunity to disease because the auric body is healthy”

I pointed out that some spiritual people get cancer.

“How does that happen?” I asked.

She said “Cancer is in the group-thought of the modern world. It is a cancerous age. A huge focus on cancer is in the communal mind. It is full of fear of cancer. The life-style and modern technology  promotes it.

Continual modern chaotic life-style, electromagnetic machinery, worry, stress or a great shock inhibits the healing attempts of the light body to keep the physical body according to the template of the second body. Cancer is a “mistake” by cells over-healing themselves. Everyone has cancer on and off through their lives but usually it simply goes away when the stress or shock are removed from a life.

The light body has not been acknowledged by science as existing and man is ignorant of its part in the healing process.

A more “spiritual” life, stress management, a moderation of living and other irritants will come about as a protection against cancer and more and more people will be seen to overcome it.”

Being ill is often not the “fault” of an individual person.


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