Naming your Inner Guide

We all have an inner guide. The trick is to know how to contact our guide. For serious connection we sit with quiet expectation, yet no expectation. Listen, but do not listen. Be aware, but not too aware. Create an emotionless quiet that is the correct ground for the seeds of thought your guide will plant.

What do dead people know and should I worry?

Sheel told me that “those souls in other dimensions have a much greater knowledge of where they came from than incarnate beings but still only partially know all things. They keep the characteristics of their last incarnations because they are comfortable with them. They also recall other incarnations. But they are indistinct and unimportant as if … More What do dead people know and should I worry?

All about Yellow

The colour of light affects the spiritual and the physical. The physical, we can say, is the body and all material things. The spiritual aspect is the mind, thought, imagination and consciousness which you cannot see but which nobody doubts exists.