The onion principle

Imagine Creation rather like an onion with lots of different layers all doing similar things at different levels of the whole.It is so complex in its layers of the onion that no human or even discarnate human being can comprehend it.

The astral  dimensions (our Heaven) are in the same “layer” of the onion as we are on Earth.  Our “heaven” is the resting layer from which we incarnate on our evolving path.  All humans evolve by constant incarnation. The human part of the onion layer is slightly denser than the astral/resting part. We call it our material world. Vibrating side by side with the material world is the astral world. To us it seems far away and unreachable, but it is really just another dimension in the same layer – just one of  many many layers to the onion.

When we die we vibrate on a slightly higher frequency. Our body decays because we are no longer in it and our friends grieve for us. The only thing that happens to us is that we feel lighter, happier, more beautiful and the world around us seems more beautiful. This is because we and our surroundings are less dense.

If we have had a difficult transformation (death) disembodied people will help us adjust to our new astral dimension.  When we die, you will find the transformation very easy if you know what to expect. We  go into the astral layer on death. The astral and the earth layer are always connected.

The astral part ( it is one layer really) is the rest period for those life forces getting ready to incarnate once more. It is very busy with souls coming and going all the time. Our earth is very busy with people being born and dying all the time. It is the same.

But there is a difference. Amongst us there, are very highly evolved spirit beings who choose to remain in the astral level, advising, teaching and helping. Even these higher entities sometimes incarnate to help the world. We call them Avatars and spiritual teachers.

The astral dimension has different layers too. When we die we will find ourself at a level of our exact spiritual vibratory state. Undeveloped souls go into a greater activity/less highly tuned level. We won’t see these souls although many of our compatriots will go and work with them. The undeveloped souls also incarnate.



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