Galaxies of souls

There are millions of souls  all working in the astral dimensions on various projects. The higher entities there help with these.

After our layer of the Creation onion i.e. our earth and heaven, there are thousands of other layers in the onion. Some are linked to other galaxies in just the same way as the Astral is linked to our Earth.

Beings in other galaxies incarnate in just the same way in between rest periods in their own planets and heaven. These beings will be very advanced technically and spiritually, being able to create things with thought, light and cosmic energy.

There are many who work in our astral dimension too, but of course their death is not so much of a transformation and they feel at home there because in the astral dimension we also create and un-create with the same materials.

There are layers and layers of living entities all incarnating, reincarnating, resting, working, developing, evolving in the being called creation. It is really far too complex to explain and I myself do not have full understanding for I am also on the path.

When we say you want to get off the wheel of incarnation, we can be assured we will all be on the wheel for a very long time to come. The way to get off our particular wheel we are on is to achieve the spiritual state of near bliss constantly. Our light would be blinding.

Rocks and lower living entities are very dull, dense. The high entities are light forms, radiating colours, ethereal like the sun. Their vibrations are so fine that we must appear to them as rocks do to us!

Some of the high entities or super beings are collections of souls in similar synchronization. They are a group soul on their way back to Source. So you see, you and me U F O’s, psychics, spiritualists, religions of all kinds, black magicians, white magicians, dowsers, prophets, mystics and teachers – even avatars!! are all very miniscule portions of a vast cosmic whole. We have a long journey!

We are, however, important because WE ARE. We are creation. We are Source if you understand me. There is no way we can escape the journey in store. We must take it as happily as we can. Each level of the onion must be travelled through. We might get off the earth wheel this time, but then we will be on some Galaxy- wheel somewhere else in one of the other layers in the onion of dimensions.


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