Enjoy the wheel

If you feel that in all of Creation we are so unimportant as to be like a grain of sand in a Universe of Sand, then you are right. Then you are asking – where is the God of Love?

The astral plane is surrounded by love. All the higher entities  that work there clothe heaven with love. They are reaching the state of bliss and the nearer a soul gets to a state of bliss, the greater its love. God is Bliss. God is Love. Bliss and Love are inseparable. They are the centre (Bliss) and the radiation emanating from Bliss is Love.

Life after death on this Earth is not the whole story. It’s a tiny part – a glimpse into a tiny fragment of Creation. There are galaxies of souls incarnating, resting, evolving. All on their own planets, very different from our own.

We are a subatomic particles in the body of God/Source. We are Source being. The Source is Bliss. Bliss radiates love and its parts can achieve bliss. Everything returns to Source in the end.

Are you asking what point is there to all this? Why bother at all?

Think of Creation as an enormous composition of music. Every note is carefully developed by the composer so that it may make a lovely sound next to another note. There are clusters of notes, trills, runs, decorations, solos, duets, rondos, movements. Every note is important to the whole. It all makes the music.

And why bother struggling on in this frenetic life we find ourselves in? Well, in truth, we ARE – there is not a thing we can do to change our status as fragments of Source. We ARE on the creation cycle and we just need to relax and enjoy the music.


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