All about Red

The colour of light is a vibration like the rest of Creation. It has an effect on two aspects of the human condition, the spiritual and the physical.

All energy-squandered means there is less energy in fact. This same law applies also to colour.

Colour is transmitted in waves.  Red light has the longest wavelength of visible light.

All “earthy” things have a gross – longer- vibration. A little list would be – delicious food, smoking, lust, greed, indulgence, drunkenness, abandonment, loud thumping music, playing in mud, wallowing in a warm pool – you get the idea! All sensual things of the world are gross and they are very important. They are not to be shunned. They are to be enjoyed as part of the human condition.

The trouble is that all sensual things, after the initial excitement, drain you because they are energy squandered. The wise human recharges his batteries by being still, meditation or being quiet. When their energy level is full to overflowing, they go and squander it knowingly and in full control of their actions. The pleasure of this controlled vibrationary orgy is greater than the soul who fritters away his life thinking the sensual pleasures will make him happy.

The colour of all sensual things is RED.

Red light agitates. It is sensual, carnal, and restless. It activates the appetite. It motivates to activity all other aspects of Creation.

Hate, envy, love, desire, lust, anger, jealousy, violent deeds and thoughts are all red. Even love is red. Humans consider love to be a desirous condition but it is to be endured with care! The love that comes from the bliss state of no action, no vibration – Source – is a spiritual and creative force. But the love that most humans endure is red, agitating, and very far from Source. Human love is often jealous, possessive, abusive, inhuman and most un-God like. It is not true love. It torments people because they have the wrong idea of love.

But red’s most useful characteristic is not this aspect. Red is a healer. It agitates all the cells into activity It soothes the depressed grey mind of lethargy into increased stimulation giving it the feeling of well-being. Well-being emotions are lacking in ill people. Infrared light has been used to induce healing for years. Red stimulates the immune system and all the circulatory systems of the body. In itself it does nothing. It is merely the activator making the body heal itself and bring back the vigour of life.

Everyone needs vigour in life.


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