Using the colours of light to find serenity

There are seven colours in the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum is the light that we see. White light is divided into Purple Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red

We say that red, being the most agitated colour with the longest waves is at the bottom for our metaphor. Purple is the most serene colour, having only very short waves and therefore conserving lots of energy is at the top.

All agitated things are further away from the Source. So Red is less serene than purple. If the origin of happiness is the Source, the aim of these posts on colour is to show you that to travel on the path to inner happiness, you need to still the agitation in your life. That means using everything in your life consciously where it is under your control. Colour your life consciously.

The last few posts have been on colour. By means of the colours of the spectrum, I want to show you that your life can be controlled by you so that you can live in a state of happiness constantly and yet let the colours of life wash over you to enjoy, but not to affect your inner serenity.

Frequencies of light affect the physical body, the emotions and the spiritual body. We live in an age of chaotic light. We are bombarded by colour – more than we have ever experienced before. WE have not changed. We still use light physically and spiritually as we draw it in through our energy centres.

What we do utilises frequencies of light, as we do them, and they build up, or are depleted in our auras.

Red is an activator of cells and healing physically. Red is the colour of physical appetites – and the base energy that roots us to the earth.

Yellow is the activator of the mind, learning, humour and all the organs of the physical body.

Yellow is made using Red and Green light.

Orange is created using Yellow and Red light.

Orange is also a great healer. It is warmer than yellow and gives a feeling of great well-being like red and yet also has an effect on the mind, thoughts and consciousness that is less academic and cerebral than yellow. Orange contains the Red frequencies of physical action AND the Yellow frequency of thought.

In life, Red flows during our physical gratification.   Orange flows through our energy centres as we are physically creative. (Red – physical and Yellow – thought) We need to have red in our lives, a greater dose of orange, a dollop of yellow and lots of green, the equalizer and stabilizer and the subject of the next post.


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