The equaliser – fantastic Green light

We started by talking about red and the red things of life. Red is the colour of greatest agitation, which is furthest away from joy, which is the state of Source. You will understand then that the fruits of red things are never a lasting joy because everything is in a state of discomfort until it finds its Source.

As we move up the visible spectrum, the agitation of each colour lessens until we reach purple. Purple is not the bliss state because it is still in a state of movement. But it is nearer to it than red. You will understand that purple things in your life will bring you more lasting joy than red things because you will feel you are going home to Source.

Green is the most wonderful light. It is exactly in the middle of the visible spectrum. Its waves are neither too spiritually serene nor too earthy and agitated.

Green light is the colour of balance, harmony, rest, refreshment, and rejuvenation. It is a primary colour when you mix light.

Spiritually, – remember now we are talking about mind, consciousness, imagination, it has a calming action. Its colour gives feelings of restful mental serenity. It relieves stress and agitated thoughts. It calms worry. It feeds our mind-part with comfort, safety and refreshes us. It is the refresher.

Physically, it soothes each cell in the body. It reduces inflammation. It lowers blood pressure. It calms rampant cells into a state of non-activity and rest.

Green is the colour of nature, physical rest, refreshment of body and mind. It is a very important colour in healing because many illnesses are stress related and green is the anti-stress colour.

It is the place of rest in the middle of the spectrum, which is neither the slowing down of purple, nor the restlessness of red.

It is no accident that the colour of nature is green. All cities need parks and green belts to reduce the stress of city life. A day in the country refreshes us and reminds you that you are also nature. Green light stands for Go when a state of harmony is organised at a traffic intersection.

Green is a life colour. It is non-action but not over action. It is the colour of harmony, serenity, cool-ness. From the place of green all healing can take its course. It is the beginning, the base, and the stable starting point before using light to heal.

Green stabilises all the activities of the body. It strengthens the immune system, the rejuvenation ability of each cell, and it floods the body and mind with the strength it needs to heal itself.

Green light is the colour of the heart energy centre and the affects circulation.

It flows into the energy centre through acts of kindness and consideration and thoughts of love.  Colour your life with lots of green things. Be in contact with the one-ness of everything. And feel gratitude. Ground. Do things like lying on the grass, sitting outside, loving nature. Let Red, orange and yellow activities into your life too – they look beautiful next to green!


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