Spiritual colours for healing

In my last post I explained that green light is the middle of the visible spectrum. Green is such a wonderful healing colour because it both squanders and conserves being both an earth colour and a spirit colour. It is a mixture of yellow and the colour above it –- blue.

All the colours below green are more agitated colours, having long waves. Green has both stimulating waves like the colours below it and calming waves like the colours above it.

The earth colours of red orange and yellow stimulate and excite the body and the mind. Both body and mind are physical. The mind (i.e. your memory, learning, thinking part) is merely an unseen aspect of your physical body. So the mind is physical.

Remember all colours affect the source part of man. Red, yellow and orange develop earthly strength and good rooting in the spiritual part of man. The spiritual aspect is not the mind.

Outside the mind (which is physical) is the soul, the consciousness of the spiritual entity, which is indestructible.

The soul part of man (which includes his consciousness) goes on. It is the real man. The spiritual part of man is something far greater than the mind and even more intangible. The soul is a sentient energy force. It houses itself in several bodies as it progresses on its journey back to its Source

In other dimensions we live in bodies of light. On earth the soul is encased in the second/astral and the physical body. The soul has many other bodies. In death it sheds its physical gross body and continues as a light body. The point of its attention transitions to another dimension.

The mind part is physical. It can be destroyed. If a man is damaged in an accident he can end up having no mind. It can be tampered with by surgical operation. The mind is the result of activity in the brain. We can see the brain. It is an organ. Yellow stimulates all organs in the body. That is why yellow stimulates the mind.

The mind has nothing to do with the actual development of the soul. A man can be as learned as Einstein, yet his soul progresses nil!

Knowledge is not spiritual advancement. The physical mind is not the spiritual part of man, although both are unseen. It is strange that man accepts thought as being real but many do not accept the soul as being real, although they see neither!

Blue, indigo and purple frequencies have the physical reaction of calming the activities of the body. Inflammations can be reduced. Pain can be quietened. Infections can be relieved because heat, agitation (pain and inflammation are too much of this) is calmed. They calm the physical organs. They reduce swelling. They soothe the nerves registering pain.

The first (lowest) of the spirit colours are blue frequencies. Blue calms cell activity like all spirit colours and its special action is on all the organs of respiration. It calms and reduces inflammation in the lungs, chest and throat. It reduces the action of the heart. It clears sinus, nasal organs, including the ears.

The energy centre that functions best on blue frequencies is the Throat energy centre which is about self expression, and communication.

Spiritually, blue pacifies. It is the initial quieting of spirit. Blue is not the ‘peace’ colour for nothing. It is the slowing down of agitation to quietness. A ‘blue’ mood describes not feeling lively or active, perhaps a little depressed. It is a cold colour lacking the liveliness of earth. The sky and sea are blue and both tranquillise if you lie and watch them.

Colour your life with blue, not too much either because it can be a depressant. Be physically still at times, slow down your body actions. Rest. Lie under the sky. Consider the eternal sea. Look into water. Be alone. Sit quietly and listen.

And sing, speak, communicate….


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